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Hair Care Tips for Men

Given that hair is actually dead (in as much as it has no blood, nerves or muscles), it’s astonishing the amount TLC it requires to put its best self forward. Also, it’s not simply the genuine strands that need care and consideration – the scalp does as well.

So how might you manage hair-raising issues like oiliness, breakage and item develop? What’s the most ideal approach to handle a retreating hairline? What’s more, how on earth do you locate a better than average hairdresser that doesn’t cost it?

We’ve assembled specialists in the field – from grant winning beauticians to prepping academics – to give the responses to every one of these inquiries and that’s just the beginning.

Switch To Matte Products If Thinning

“For many men, hair thins out as they hit their thirties and forties,” says Belfast-based grooming expert and barber Jason Shankey. “To make it look thicker and more manageable, use a matte styling paste or clay. Matte products absorb light and instantly make hair appear a little thicker.”

Give Yourself An Egg Wash

“The best tip I at any point got for caring for hair originated from an old auntie of mine,” says global male model, on-screen character and TV moderator Paul Sculfor. “You may giggle, however it’s to wash your hair in eggs once every month for the protein.”

Pick The Right Moment For A Haircut 

To get the undivided attention of a barber or stylist, timing is everything. “Most salons are quieter at the beginning and end of the day, so it’s worth asking for the very first or last appointment,” says British Hairdressing Award winner Anita Cox. Go for the former and your stylist is likely to be at their freshest and most enthusiastic too.

Use A Pre-Styling Product

As obvious an expression in the washroom as it is in the room: it’s not about the dramatic conclusion. On account of hair, TJ Hunt, a stylist at Ruffians’ Shoreditch station in London, proposes laying a base layer before including glue, grease or wax.

“Guys often know exactly what products to use to ‘finish’ a style,” he says. “However, they commonly miss the vital element of adding a pre-styler when the hair is damp. Mousses, sea salt sprays and even serums can have a real impact on the finished style when used correctly.”

Less Is Often More

“One of the biggest hair mistakes men make when it comes to styling is using too much product,” says barber Lachlan Watson, from the Covent Garden branch of Murdock in London.

“A little can go a long way and if you use products sparingly you’ll find yourself sporting a more natural look while avoiding a heavy and greasy appearance.”

Apply Shampoo To Dry Hair To Remove Wax

Fan of hair wax but struggle to get it out of your hair? Here’s a great tip from Head & Shoulders style director Michael Douglas.

“The best way to deal with wax is to apply shampoo to dry hair and rinse, then follow this with another application of shampoo. You’ll find that this method helps to breakdown the product and leave hair clean.”

Pat Dry, Don’t Rub

We men tend to believe that the harder we rub our hair in the wake of washing the snappier it’ll dry. Actually, an over-fanatical towel drying system will worthy motivation breakage – particularly terrible news if your hair as of now isn’t exactly as thick as it used to be.

“Hair has a tendency to be weaker when wet (and subsequently more inclined to harm) so don’t rub too hard,” cautions Ben Skervin, who has taken a shot at crusades for any semblance of River Island, H&M and Bally. “Rather, pat dry to abstain from putting any additional weight on it.”

Chill Out

In the same way that your teeth are only as good as your gums, your hair is only as good as your scalp, so Linda Frawley, senior master at Charles Worthington, suggests looking after it.

“Regular stress can tighten the scalp and cause hair thinning. To de-stress and boost circulation to the scalp, ensuring healthy hair growth, think about getting regular, stimulating head massages.”

Avoid Over-Washing

According to barber and men’s grooming expert Carmelo Guastella, a common mistake men make with dry and coarse hair is over-washing it. “If that’s your hair type, limit washing to once or twice a week and always apply a conditioner,” he advises. “Washing it every day will just make it even drier. If you reduce washing and use a conditioner, the result will be smoother, healthier looking hair.”

Don’t Fiddle With Greasy Hair

On the off chance that you have oily development over your head, it’s dependably a smart thought to abstain from utilizing high temp water. Be that as it may, as per Nicholas Clayton, creator of A Butler’s Guide to Gentlemen’s Grooming, how you handle your hair is similarly as imperative.

“Try not to scour and rub like distraught; this just serves to additionally initiate oil delivering sebaceous organs that are as of now overactive,” he says.

Protect Hair When In The Pool

As any regular swimmer knows, chlorine can play havoc with hair. “Chlorine chemically bonds with the proteins in the hair and causes the cuticle (the hair’s protective outer layer) to lift, which makes hair dry, brittle and dull,” says legendary hairdresser Trevor Sorbie.

To minimize chlorine’s effects, Sorbie recommends wetting hair thoroughly with clean water before swimming, as this dilutes the chemical. Or try applying a small amount of conditioner before diving in.


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