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Hold vs. Shine: A Men’s Hair Products Matrix

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While picking a hair product, it’s essential to consider both your hair type and the style that will suit you best for a given occasion. Yet, how would you recognize among many products that claim to do everything? This article distills men’s hairstyles down to two basic factors: hold and sparkle. (Barber East Village)


This quintessential styler currently comes in each variety under the sun, however, an exemplary recipe should give you a liberal aiding of hold and sparkle.
Try: Anchor’s Aweigh Hair Co. Teddy Boy Original Pomade


It might have created 20 years prior, yet gel’s as yet the surefire approach to nail a sparkly slick back and keep stray hairs on the bolt. To abstain from resembling a #tbt, decide on a recipe strengthened with common conditioners—they’ll shield hair from getting fresh. (Barber East Village)
Try: Martial Vivot Gel (Barber East Village)


On the matte side of the range with a firm-yet-flexible hold, wax is incredible for an advanced cleaned look.
Try: Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax


Dirt capacities simply like you would expect: It’s simple (and fun) to form, yet once you’re finished styling, it remains set up and dries to a matte wrap up.
Try: Baxter of California Clay Pomade (Barber East Village)

Texture Spray

Surfers and seafarers alike will welcome the delicate, tousled volume from an ocean salt shower. Search for one that likewise contains mineral-rich green growth, which will condition strands and improve surface after some time. (Barber East Village)
Try: Herbivore Botanicals Hair Texturizing Spray (Barber East Village)


Offering slightly more hold and styling power than a spray, paste is a tried-and-true texturizer. A good one will lift and separate strands without locking them in place, so you can restyle at will.
Try: PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Reworkable Hold Paste (Barber East Village)

Styling Cream

By cajoling hair into accommodation, cream can bolster complex styles with a lighter hold and milder complete than gel or grease.
Try: V76 by Vaughn Grooming Cream Ultralight Hold (Barber East Village)


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