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February 2, 2018by bhadmin0

Having facial hair is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends at the moment. And lads use all sorts of products to keep their facial hair in order.( Barber Shop in East Village NYC )

But having a beard isn’t just fashionable, they are also good for you health and can even protect against cancer.

A recent study, by the University of Southern Queensland, found that that they can protect a man’s face from 90 to 95% of harmful UV rays from the sun.

“While beards will never be as sun-safe as sunscreen, they certainly are a factor in blocking UV rays,” said Professor Parisi, lead author in the study.( Barber Shop in East Village NYC )

Researchers also found beards can help people who suffer with asthma, as the dust gets stuck in the chin fuzz.

Not only this, beards retain high levels of moisture which can even protect against windburn. Also, since you don’t have to shave it off, you get less ingrown hairs and bacterial infections.

The investigation utilized hairy and non-whiskery mannequins and presented them to the hot Australian sun. They at that point thought about the measure of radiation each sort of mannequin retained.

Nonetheless, there are a few weaknesses of having a facial hair. In the event that facial hair isn’t appropriately looked after it can spread disease and it makes eating a few sustenance all the more difficult as it could wind up losing all sense of direction in the bramble.


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